Rules and Etiquettes

     The Merrimack G&L Bowling League will bowl on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM at Merrimack Ten Pin Center (hereby refer to as “the house”) in Merrimack, New Hampshire.  The league will have a scheduled starting date of September 2, 2015 and a tentative ending date of April 6, 2015 April 13, 2016 for a total of 32 weeks (see the league schedule for changes and exceptions).

     The league will abide by the rules of league play established by the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) in all matters stated in this document or otherwise, unless the Board of Directors votes to the contrary.  A copy of the USBC rulebook is available for viewing at the house or online at  In addition, the League President has a copy of the USBC rulebook.  Amendments to the league rules will be distributed to the league members as they are announced by the League Secretary.

Rule 01 – The league’s Board of Directors consists of the officers of the league and team captains.  The Board of Directors will manage the league.  The Board of Directors adopts the league rules (refer to USBC Rules 103a, 103b, and 122).  This year’s league officers are:

President – Ron Paquin
Vice President – Adam Carroll
Secretary – Roger Zoel
Treasurer – Rick McAlpine
Sargent at Arms – Hung Nguyen

Rule 02 – The league will consist of 10 teams with 4 bowlers on each team.  Rosters will be limited to 4 members per team.  The names of players, as well as any changes in the roster during the season, are to be reported by the Team Captain to the League Secretary before a player competes.  The roster is forwarded and filed at the house.  Changes to the roster need to be reported to the house for their records.

Rule 03 – League fees, which must be paid by each member each week, shall be $20.00 per bowler, each week. $14.25 of which will go to the house to cover the cost of bowling.  The remaining balance of $5.25 will be placed in the league bank account to be applied toward league expenses and the end of the season banquet and awards.  If a bowler is absent for a week, that bowler will be responsible to pay the league dues the week he/she returns to league play.

Rule 04 – There are league expenses that are due before the league ends on April 6 April 13.  For this reason, the league requires that each bowler pay in advance for the last two weeks of bowling.  The payment for the last two weeks of bowling will need to be paid by our last night of bowling on April 6, 2015 April 13, 2016. Reminders will be posted on the weekly standing sheets.

Rule 05 – If you are going to pay for the current week of bowling by a personal check, the check should be made payable to “Merrimack Ten Pin Center”.  If you are going to pay in advance for multiple weeks of bowling, then please make the check payable to the League Treasurer (listed above).  If a bowler’s check is declined by a bowler’s banking institution, the individual bowler will be responsible for the league fees in question as well as any fee imposed on due to the returned check.  If this situation should occur for a bowler on more than one occasion, then payment by check will not be accepted from this particular bowler for the remaining of the league’s season.

Rule 06 – The league maintains a bank account in its own name, and deposits must be made within 7 days of receipt.

Rule 07 – League members must bowl 2/3 (20 weeks) of the league schedule games to be eligible for individual league prizes or awards (refer to USBC Rule 117b. Item 2a).  However, said bowler is still eligible for team prizes or awards.

Rule 08 – Bowling averages of all players shall be determined in the following order:

• Bowlers that are returning from last year will begin this year with whatever their average was at the end of last season.
• New bowlers will establish their average the first night that they bowl.

Rule 09 – The league will determine wins and losses on a handicap basis.  Handicap will be 80% of the difference between a bowler’s average and a scratch figure of 200.  Example of handicap calculation:

If your average is 150
200 minus 150 = 50
50 times 80% = 40
Your handicap = 40

Rule 10 – The league may consist of both men and women.  Substitutes will be permitted to participate in the league.  Pacers will be permitted to participate in the league.  A substitute or replacement may be male or female (refer to USBC Rule 107c, Item 6)

Rule 11 – The minimum legal lineup of 2 players must be present before the completion of the fourth frame of each game.  This means a team must have 2 players in order to be able to win games.  Regular members and substitutes count toward a legal lineup (refer to USBC Rule 109a for a minimum legal lineup provision).

Rule 12 – When bowling in a known forfeit situation or scheduled against a non-existent team in a bye situation, the opposing team must bowl at least the team averages less 10 pins per player to earn the points for each game (refer to USBC Rule 110b, Item 2 and 114c).

Rule 13 – Absentee scores will be allowed when a team has a legal lineup, but less than a full lineup at the start of any game in a series.  Handicap will be figured on the average of absent bowler.  The absentee score will be the absent bowler’s average minus 10 pins.

Rule 14 – Teams having an incomplete roster (vacancy on the team) will use a score of 120 for the vacant position which shall be used for the basis of determining handicap (refer to USBC Rule 105d, Items 1a and 1b).

Rule 15 – A bowler who arrives late may enter the game provided 4 full frames have not been completed.  If the late bowler arrives prior to the completion of the 4th frame by all other bowlers, then the late bowler can bowl that game and will bowl his/her missed frames for that game.  If the late bowler arrives after the completion of the 4th frame by all other bowlers then the late bowler cannot bowl in that game and his/her score for that game will be his/her current average minus 10 pins.  The late bowler can begin regular play with the next game.

Rule 16 – Team position standings shall be determined on a point basis, with 2 points awarded to the winning team for each game won and 2 points awarded to the team with the highest team game series in each match.  In the case of a tie in an individual game score and/or total series score, then 1 point will be awarded to each team.

Rule 17 – If a team or individual team member must withdraw from the league during the season, if possible, a two weeks notice and sufficient reason must be given in accordance with USBC Rule 114a.  The team will then acquire a Vacant bowler to replace the withdrawn team bowler.

Rule 18 – Pre-bowling will be allowed in this league.  When a member anticipates being absent for a scheduled match week, the member will have the choice of having his/her absent score apply (see Rule 13) or the member will be allowed to bowl in advance of the scheduled match (or pre-bowl).  The house requires that pre-bowling be scheduled with the house in advance.  The pre-bowling member will be responsible for payment of league fees for the week of the pre-bowled games.  Payment for the pre-bowled games is expected to be paid at the next scheduled week of bowling.

Rule 19 – Pre-bowled scores will count toward and be included in the individual’s average record and will qualify for individual and team league awards.

Rule 20 – Lane Courtesy and House Etiquette will be observed by the league members to provide a safe, orderly, and fun environment.  These points include:

• Do not take an excessive amount of time before each ball delivery.
• The bowler on the right has the right of way.  If two bowlers get onto the approach area at the same time then the bowler on the right goes first and the bowler on the left will back off of the approach area.
• As soon as you have completed your delivery and follow through, move away from the foul line, move off of the approach, and wait for your ball to return.  This courtesy allows the next bowler to take their approach without being distracted.
• When a bowler is bowling with a particular ball, even if it is a house ball (owned by the bowling alley), it is that bowler’s property at that time.  Do not use that ball without the original bowler’s consent.
• Food and drinks are not allowed on the approach area of the bowling lanes.
• Please be extremely careful with food and drinks while around the bowling lanes and scoring area.  Spilled food and drink can be a hazard to all bowlers.
• The house does not allow outside food or beverages to be brought into the building (this is a decision made by Brunswick Corporation, not the house itself).
• Use regulation bowling shoes.
• Refrain from talking to a bowler once they have taken their stance on the approach.
• Return any house ball used to the racks once finished bowling for the evening.
• Please pick up after yourselves and place all cups, bottles, and trash in the receptacles once finished bowling for the evening.
• When entering the bowling alley from rain or snow, please remove your wet shoes prior to entering the bowling are.  Then put on your bowling shoes within the bowling area.  Wet bowling shoes are a hazard.
• Smoking is not allowed in the house.  Smoking receptacles are placed outside of the front of the building.  Please take your smoking breaks between games and make your smoking breaks as short as possible.
• The house does provide for the sale of alcoholic beverages on the premises in accordance with the current laws of the State of New Hampshire.  Alcoholic beverages cannot leave the building.  The house reserves the right to refuse to serve any individual deemed to be intoxicated.


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